Life & Relationship Coaching

Feeling stuck in a certain area of your life or marriage?

Have you been through marriage or individual counseling? Have you tried to implement change in your life without any real difference?

While it might be easier to throw in the towel… you feel that is a last resort. Ask yourself this question: “If things continue as they are now, where would I be in 5 years?” If you are uncomfortable with that answer, it may be time to take action and partner with a Marriage or Relationship Life Coach to work toward real change in your life.

While counseling is valuable and necessary in many cases, it is not action based, and only action produces change. The coaching process is based on achieving change through creating goals and working to achieve those goals. Because coaching includes action steps that you are working toward and held accountable for, progress is inevitable. Nearly all Life Coaching clients are successful in reaching their initial coachable goal when they are committed to the process.

One primary reason coaching is so highly successful in helping marriages is found in the fact that coaching is about taking responsibility for one’s own part of the solution. It enables couples get unstuck through relationship education and learning healthy skills such as confiding, communication and problem solving skills, and then applying them in the relationship.

As you apply the skills you learn in Marriage Coaching and you and your spouse come to a place of taking responsibility for making changes necessary to make progress. You will start to respond differently and will find old patterns and habits in your marriage beginning to change. This happens because change in your life only happens when action is taken, and coaching is built on determining the change that is required in your life, and implementing the steps necessary to arrive at it. 


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